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Why Choose Zetadental?

Zeta Dental specialize in high quality dental lab equipment  and professional service at favorable price. With years of experience in the dental equipment industry, we are willing to establish long and strong relationship with our customers, creating complete confidence in both our professional dental knowledge and timely service.

Everything we do is focused on service to our clients, we have been being a trusted advisor and consultant, offering our clients dental lab equipment and expertise to achieve their satisfaction.


What you need, when you need it. We stock many different dental lab equipments for sale in several strategically located warehouse and distribution centers in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, to ensure  lab equipment availability and fast delivery. 

In-stock, non-personalized dental lab equipments ship same day. Plus with multiple distribution centers, we can ship out your order as soon as possible from the nearest center to you.

We offer no-vendor business. All the dental lab equipments are shipped from our distribution centers directly. That’s why we can offer equipment for sale at such favorable price. In that case, you can contact us whenever you are not satisfied with the dental lab equipment. 

We offer one customer at a time service. Zeta Dental Sales Representative responds to each customer as if he were the only customer. It is this corporate philosophy that has helped build Zeta Dental into one of the largest, most trusted dental distributors in the world. 


We offer CE-certified, FDA-certified and ISO-certified dental lab equipment. With our highest standard of quality control, which revolves around all processes from parts manufacture to assembly, the expected life of our lab equipment is among the top in the industry. We offer latest technological dental equipment.

Why us 

We pride ourselves by offering high quality, low prices, excellent customer service upon which the company was built. And also it is the corporate philosophy which has helped build ZetaDental to be one of the largest, most trusted dental equipment suppliers all over the world.

We offer you non-personalized dental lab equipment products and personalized dental lab products.

We offer CE-certified, FDA-certified and ISO-certified dental lab equipments.

We offer a great cost-performance rate. 

We run an implemented quality management system. 

We provide timely and effectively service.


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