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  • piotr.drozynski 14/02/2013
    Hello I would like to by Cordless obturation system from Coxo. I Have found it unclear how much is for the full set means gun and pen.I will also need a guttapercha inserts.Please give me a price for the whole system Regards PiotrDrozynski
    Administrator:Hi there, thanks for your message. The total price of COXO® Endo Cordless C-Fill Obturation Gun & Gunna Pen is £814.99 now. If you are interested in our products, you can order directly online.
  • coolcatshaft 09/02/2013
    Subject: We need your contact number for the order 2013020510675131 Further to your email. our contact number is 01162881001. Kind regards Ajay
    Administrator:Hi Ajaysinh, thanks for your quick reply.
  • sterko51 30/01/2012
    Hallo I have orderd at this time a Marathon Micromotor Handpiece N7S S04 for 89.99 Euro and I had a limited cash coupon with promo code Nr 1000008792 but the Price was not reduced.Please reduse the coupon price from the whole Amount. In a previous time I bought from youthe Marathon micromotor handpiece 35K.Please tell me if Ican use it with this unit. best regards St.Kotsopoulos
    Administrator:sorry to learn the problem. Baker will contact your later and sent you the cash coupon to your paypal account.
  • penteteo 25/01/2012
    hi, i have ordered last monday a cavo fitting fast handpiece ,but i havent received it yet and havent received any update that the item has been send please let me know what happened
    Administrator:Hi Sir, Sorry for that. Here please tell me your order number, then i can check for you. Thanks. Baker
  • info 25/01/2012
    Hi! I have send you an email 2 days ago and still did not get an answer, so I am trying to contact you with this form I have some questions for the camera MD740 that I want to buy. Where does it ship from? How much is the shipping cost? How many days will it take to get to Greece( I saw a note that it will ship when it reach the min MOQ and I do not know what this means. Thank you Kostis
    Administrator:HI Sir, Sorry for your waiting here. We usually ship out the goods from our manufacture in China directly, and here we glad to tell you that we provide free shipping over the world. It usually take 6 to 9 business days to Greece. Baker
  • karies47 24/01/2012
    Hello, can I really buy with PayPal? Thank you for your answer. Hoffmann
    Administrator:Hi Sir, Yes, we now accept paypal payment. Baker
  • 21/01/2012
    for annie : can you send me a bill for this item :n°#16317.I have bought this handpiece in 01/2012 on your english website ZETA DENTAL. thank you JM VERSCHAE
    Administrator:Hi Sir, Sorry for your waiting here. Please mail me your order number, then i can send you a invoice. Thanks. Baker
  • snv_v 19/01/2012
    Would you send me more pictures and info about Teeth Whitening Accelerator Bleaching Lamp Arm Holder and especially for the arm holder.Is it possible to attache it to my unit.Please be more specific.Thank you.
    Administrator:Will send you pic to your email, please check.
  • brad 18/01/2012
    I was trying to buy a handpiece cleaning machine via paypal and paypal says the payment is for Zhang Ying is this Zeta dental???
    Administrator:Yes, that is right.
  • kherguedas 17/01/2012
    Hello, I want to know how goes my order shipping, but I don't know where look for. My order number is : 2012010927718131. Thank you for information, regards
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