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  • Coolspringsdentistry 09/08/2013
    I have one of your LY Dental Curing Lights the wireless LED1500mw. I was wanting to purchase another LED Tip and I needed to know which one I needed to get .
    Administrator:Hi, sir you need to buy the 12mm curing light tips.
  • wayne_martin1 08/08/2013
    could you please provide me with the lead from lip hook to handpiece for a coxo csmart 3 in 1 endo motor
    Administrator:Hi,sir You could buy this one.
  • javimartinez7624 26/07/2013
    Cordial saludo, soy odontologo en Bogota, Colombia; quiero comprar el Ultrasonico Piezo Scaler UDS-E, cuyo valor en dolares es $537,99 pero aparece un precio en parentesis: $275,oo - Cual de los dos precios es el de compra? - Como hago para adquirirlo? - Cuales son sus instrucciones para la compra? Muchas gracias. Javier Mauricio Martinez T.
    Administrator:Hi sir, the purchase price is 537.99USD. You could place the order for it online. Thanks.
  • yasirallaqudre 12/07/2013
    Hello I want to buy marathon N3S MICRO MOTOR . What will be shipping time Dr. Yasir Pakistan
    Administrator:Dear Dr. Yasir, Welcome to our zetadental store! Thank you for your message and interest in our marathon N3S MICRO MOTOR! Usually, it will take you 8 to 11 business days to receive the item. If you like our product, please do not hesitate to order it now! If you have any other question, please feel free to send email to us by!
  • b.souvaris 29/06/2013
    Hi Please can you advise if the $461.99 includes total delivery costs to Johannesburg, South Africa? Regards Bev
    Administrator:Dear Bev, Thank you for your message and order of our product! Yes, the price $461.99 is the whole price of the item including free shipping to Johannesburg, South Africa. You can rest assured to complete the order and payment. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us! Please send email to
  • stathisanthousis 19/06/2013
    Dear Sirs, I bought last year Jinme Ying Dental Standard Fiiber Optic hand piece with six holes. I am verousisy happy with it. I would like to buy a new one and additionally two cartridges for tthis handpiece. Please le me know which is the correct cartridge for this handpiece and please let me know the order number and the price tor the handpiece. I am looking forward to yr soonest reply. Thanks and best regards, Stathis Anth
    Administrator:Dear Srathis, Thank you for your message! We are so glad to hear that you are satisfied with our Jinme Ying Dental Standard Fiiber Optic handpiece! Do you mean the Jinme® YING Dental Standard Fiber Optic Handpiece with Coupler 6 Holes? If this one, we now cannot assure we have additionally cartridges, we need to check with the manufacturer at first. We will email you back soon within 24hrs!
  • alex.dentin 10/05/2013
    I'm from GREECE.your company is in Europe;If you order will pay CUSTOMS?The autoclave comes from europe?
    Administrator:Hi there, we are based in China. Usually there are no extra customs duties or taxes you need to pay, because we will mark the items as gifts or samples. Please rest assured to purchase from us.
  • Olvidoforget 03/05/2013
    Do you have any representatives in Mexico City? I will need a endomotor root canal RCTY(II) .
    Administrator:Hi there, thanks for your message on our site. Sorry to tell you that we don't have any representatives in Mexico. We only do online business. You can place the order directly on our site.
  • irenegounti 25/04/2013
    Good evening.i just made an order from your site the micro motor Marathon III. The price was $ 250 and the purchase orders showing me $ 404. EXPLAIN me please what's going to change the order. thanks
    Administrator:Hi there, thanks for your message. We have explained the problem to you via email, please check it.
  • ruyprogar 23/04/2013
    gostaria de saber qual a utilização do plastic board pin jt 20 e e qual a quantidade para pedido. se eu fizer um pedido do laser broca pin maquina quanto irei pagar com frete? meu endereço é rua joão de barro ,09, qd 36 , cep: 29.163.324, novo horizonte - serra esp. santo - brasil
    Administrator:Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Glad to tell you that we provide free shipping to Brazil. You don't need to pay additional cost. If you are interested in our products, you can order directly online.
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